About us


historiaAPROFE was legally founded on August 31, 1965. Its creation was conceived long before by a group of visionary professionals, including Dr. Paolo Marangoni Soravia, who, worried about uncontrolled population growth and irresponsible parenthood, felt the need to disseminate the benefits of family planning in the Ecuadorian population.

The founding group of APROFE felt, and still feels, that the fifty percent of humanity made up of women is a huge contribution to the development, structure and stability of society. For this reason, after a pioneering and sometimes shaky start, in which more was learned than was taught, the organization provides services not only in the area of family planning, but also in the area of sexual and reproductive health.



Founder and Aprofe

Dr. Paolo Marangoni

Founder and Director of APROFE until March 2016.